About Kim Nelson

DSC_0219I am a writer, storyteller, voracious reader, retired roller derby skater, animal lover, pop culture nerd, happy camper, and daytime drinking enthusiast.

Here’s a few places where you can check out my stuff:

My site: www.kimberlymilanelson.com

I am a co-founder and contributor of this literary blog where I’m stoked to write alongside some of the raddest people in Chicago (and beyond! we’re bicoastal now): www.drinkerswithwritingproblems.com

I also post my own stuff as well as write for a few sites on Medium: medium.com/@ponytailup

On Twitter @ponytailup

On Instagram @ponytailup

I also contribute to a travel-themed Instagram account with my sisters, recreating the rip-roaring action of the 1987 classic animated feature The Chipmunk Adventure, where the Chipettes took on the Chipmunks in a race around the world @girlsofrockandroll


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