New Years Resolutions for 2013

  • Train the dog.
  • Teach myself how to lucid dream.
  • Take a singing class. I love to sing but I’m not great at it, so the only way I can really get people to listen to me is if I pay them to do it.
  • Learn how to do a Russian accent, just because I like how it sounds.
  • Read 26 books.
  • Visit someplace on my travel wish list.

Happy New Year!


Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a holiday dear to this theater geek’s heart. I adore planning, assembling, and wearing costumes. Here’s some photos of my costumes from the last several years.


I needed to incorporate my crutch into my costume, so I decided to be Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol. God bless us, everyone!


Cool Cat (from Community)

Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. “She’s dead, wrapped in plastic…”

The killer bunny from Monty Python & The Holy Grail (Kurt went as the dead knight).

Mozilla Firefox

Disco Queen (Kurt is Mouth from The Goonies)

Alice in Chains

I was a roller derby girl (foreshadowing!) and Kurt was a baby.

Chun-Li from Streetfighter

I wish I had digital photos of some of my favorite childhood costumes. Each fall, my mom would bring us kids to the fabric store, where we’d page through the patterns and pick out what we wanted to be for Halloween. She would sew amazing costumes for us that were always a hit at school. Some of my costumes included a rabbit, Care Bear (complete with big furry head!), and pioneer (during my Laura Ingalls Wilder phase.) I can definitely trace my love of costumes and dressing up to those early days, waking up so excited to put on my outfit for school and trick-or-treating.

Have a happy Halloween, everyone!