Winter Camping

This past weekend, we drove 2.5 hours to the South Haven, Michigan, area for campsitesome winter camping. While we have gone cold camping several times, this was our first trip in which there was quite a lot of snow on the ground. Apparently we were the first March campers the grounds owners ever had, so they took a picture of us in front of our tents for their website. River was in dog heaven, playing fetch and digging her ball out of snowdrifts. The temperature remained somewhere in the mid-40’s, so it was actually quite pleasant outside. When I took my gloves off to eat or set up our tent, my hands didn’t even get cold. A can koozie kept my Labatt Blue nice and frosty. We set up an outdoor bed for River using a tarp, her sleeping pad, and a blanket so she wouldn’t have to sit in the snow while we were hanging out around the campfire (she stayed in the tent with us overnight). In the evening, we made s’mores using Peeps.

river Overnight, rain began to fall and tapered off to a drizzle late the next morning. For the most part, we all stayed warm and dry, though there were a few casualties among things left out overnight, including a package of Peeps bunnies. The snow, which had been fresh and fluffy the day before, packed down a bit but didn’t melt away so we lucked out and avoided having to deal with muddy mess. We packed up and headed back home, already looking forward to doing it all again in a month or so.