Alaska, Day 5: Seward

Tuesday, July 24, 2012: Old Seward Highway

Hello, Seward!

This morning, we said goodbye to Denali and hit the road to Seward, a small town on the Kenai Peninsula. This would be the longest leg of driving we would do on our trip, 7 hours according to Google Maps. Of course, everything takes a little bit longer in a large RV, so we got an early start to our day.

We arrived in Wasilla right around lunchtime, so we stopped for food and did some re-stocking of supplies.

Old Seward Highway (Hwy 1)  is one of the most scenic roads in Alaska. The road hugs the sound for a long leg of the trip, and sometimes you can see beluga whales surfacing in the bay. With snow-capped mountains looming above curving roads, it felt like we were driving into a postcard. We stopped to take pictures and gaze at the scenery.

with scenery like this, I could drive all day

Further down the peninsula, we got held up in traffic caused by torn-up roads and construction. It made for a bumpy ride for quite awhile, especially while passing through a blasting zone. The ride was worth it, however, once we reached our final destination, an RV park at Lowell’s Point right on the water. Our campsite was ‘ocean-view’ and they were not kidding. From our picnic table, we watched otters frolic in the water right in front of us. Eagles soared overhead.

me enjoying a beer at our campsite

There were plenty of fishermen staying at the campgrounds, and we watched many of them string up their catch and feed fish guts to the birds.


I think this pictures says it all–you couldn’t ask for anything more.

the life

Wildlife sightings: moose (along road leaving Denali), eagles, otters, sea gulls, lots of caught salmon


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