Springtime Camping

camping dogs

camping dogs

I decided that for my birthday this year, I wanted to go camping. Late April can definitely be iffy in terms of weather when you are planning an event in advance (the year I turned 30 involved tailgating at a White Sox game and the weather went from 70 and sunny to miserable and rainy within an hour). Just in case the weather turned on us again, I decided to try out a state park closer to home, and one we’ve never camped at before, Bong Recreation Area (yes, that’s really what it’s called).

We drove the hour and a half trip shortly after work on Friday, and stayed through Sunday morning. The weather ended up being perfect–high 60’s and sunny–and some of us even got our first sunburns of the year. We brought along my favorite camping treats (Bloody Marys in the morning and s’mores around the fire), a birthday cake, and a piñata. It was a perfect birthday weekend.


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