Honeymoon Roadtrip, Day 13: Billings, MT

Thursday, June 12: Billings brewery crawl

We left our cabin early in the morning, beginning our journey back home. Around lunch, we stopped in Bozeman at Clark’s Fork for a healthier option than the usual drive-thru fast food places. In the late afternoon, we reached our destination for the day, Dude Rancher Lodge in Billings, MT.

We spent some time relaxing in our room and then headed out to check out the town. Kurt had found a local guide that included a brewery crawl map of 11 different brew pubs and bars within a 2-mile area downtown. We started at Montana Brewing Co, just a few blocks away from the motel, and ordered beers and dinner. We each got mac and cheese (mine was Southern mac with fried chicken and bacon, while Kurt had the cheeseburger mac); the food was fantastic.

Kurt looking swarthy at Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co.

Kurt looking swarthy at Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co.

Our next stop was Yellowstone Valley Brewing. When we arrived, a band was playing in their large bar area. As we ordered our beers, we learned that all breweries in town closed at 8 due to local alcohol license laws. We didn’t have much time to throw down a few drinks before last call. It was too bad we had spent a bunch of time lazing around in our motel room, as we didn’t get to hit up as many of the brew pubs as we would have liked. Regular bars, however, were still open, so we ended up going to a place called the Rail Yard where we could at least sample a few more local beers. I still don’t quite understand how their liquor laws work. After the Rail Yard, we decided to call it a night and went back to the motel where we relaxed and watched some TV so we could be up early for another big day of driving.

Wildlife Sightings: roadkill, drunk people


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