Never Standing Still

If you’ve visited this blog before, you may have noticed that the tag line has changed. The old one (which I loved) was “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard because I use those old-timey frosty mugs.” (Back in the height of my karaoke-ing days, “Milkshake” was my go-to closer for the night.) However, as I recently began blogging on this site again, I want to have a clearer focus of what I plan to write about here. This has been an incredibly eventful year for me personally (new job, got married, traveled, became a homeowner) and I’d like to start documenting these experiences for friends and family to read about. Also, I have a tendency to take on multiple pursuits at a time (roller derby, Crossfit, yoga, maybe even a big project that I may or may not be procrastinating on). In summary, I’m pretty bad at staying still. You know, #YOLO and such.

Ironically, my hair is currently too short to put up in a ponytail.


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