Feeling Positive

As I get closer to walking again, I am feeling much more upbeat and positive about my knee. It has been a long journey to this point and I’ve ridden a rollercoaster of emotions for the last 7 weeks. There’s still times when I think about how long it will be until I am fully ‘normal’, such as when I ask questions to my physical therapist like “When can I ride a mechanical bull?”

I really, really love riding mechanical bulls.

me on a mechanical bull in New Orleans

But this surgery will hopefully allow me to ride mechanical bulls well into my twilight years, and that is the most important part–that I will live a full and active life once I am recovered.

As someone who has spent such a large part of my life being physical–from roller derby to Crossfit to tearing up a dance floor whenever I get a chance–knee surgery has forced me to round out my life and focus on the smaller, more quiet moments. I won’t go back to hitting girls on skates after this, but I am really looking forward to being well enough to take my dog on long walks in the park. I’ve indulged in my love of curling up next to a sunny window with a good book and a cat purring on my lap.

I have so much gratitude for all of the amazing people in my life who have boosted my spirits with visits, loaned books and DVDs, positive emails, massages, haircuts, meals, puzzles, dog walks, and being a sounding board for all of my emotions. I may not be able to walk YET, but I am still a very lucky girl.


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